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What is a Rad Dad?

Searching for an answer

If I asked you what a Rad Dad is what would you say?

Is it a dude that understands men are important to children?

A guy who isn't afraid to change a diaper?

Someone who can spend longer than 30 minutes with kids without running for the hills?

To me a Rad Dad is any man that understands sticking a kid in front of a screen all day everyday is not a good thing.

A Rad Dad knows men have an important roll in raising children and seeks to raise free thinking adults.

A Rad Dad follows 3 simple rules:

1. Always watches the kids.

2. Parties but never loses his mind.

3. Brings positive energy.

Potty Monsters

The Importance of Talking to Your Kids

We have been potty training my son and he has put up a serious fight.

At first I thought it was because he is a twin and he could get individual attention by making potty time difficult. Maybe elements of that where true but it was a comment I heard his sister make after I asked him if he was ready to use the potty.

The comment was don’t forget about the potty monster. I asked her if she has been telling her brother there is a potty monster in the potty. She said yes. I asked her how did she know and she said some of the other boys in class told her.

I put two and two together and realized the kids had been telling my son there was a monster in the potty and that was making him scared to use it.

With this knowledge I admonished my daughter, telling her not to play those games on her brother. She has a responsibility to watch out for him. Girls develop fast.

I sat my son down and explained to him that the boys where messing with him and that there was no monster and if there was it would be far more scared of him because he has the power to tame all monsters.

I watched as the realization came over him. I watched as that realization turned to anger over being tricked.

This situation illustrates the importance of watching and listening to what is going in my children’s lives. If I was not I never would have known about the potty monster. I would not have been able to teach my daughter the importance of watching out for her brother.

And I would not have had the opportunity to teach my son about the strength he has inside himself and how monsters are far more scared of him than anything else.

Life Lessons

A Hell of a Thing to Learn Before 4

Yesterday I was almost hit by a car while running and in a separate incident my wife watched a cop shoot a chick six times while waiting for coffee in a Starbucks drive through.

Oh and my kids where in the car.

While running down a moderately busy road I watched an old lady try to cross 5 lanes of traffic. She was obviously going to get hit if people didn’t stop so they did except for one.

That person (who was obviously not paying attention) slammed their brakes and smashed into a stopped car and onto the sidewalk I was standing on.

I watched all of this play out in slow motion and at no time felt any real danger despite the car stopping 6 inches from me.

I looked around, saw no one was seriously hurt, shook my head, and continued my run.

Shit like that happens in a large city. It is why I tell my kids to watch for cars because they sure as fuck are not watching for you.

On the way to church (we eat evening meals at church on Wed) my wife stopped at Starbucks to grab us a coffee.

As she was talking with her sister she heard 6 loud cracks. When she looked over she saw feet sticking out from under a car and a police officer punching his car out of anger and grief.

The police officer had just pumped six bullets into some chick that pointed an uzi at him. Where someone gets and uzi and the balls to point it at a cop I do not know.


What I do know is my daughter gave me the play by play on how it went down.

This is a pretty delicate moment. She doesn’t fully understand what happened but knows enough to know it was bad.

After she told me what happened she asked why the police officer had to shoot.

I told her it is part of a police officers duty to protect us. That is why they are there. I went on to say the officer didn’t want to hurt anyone but when threatened police officers will always respond to protect. And we always listen to them because if they are telling you something it is for your benefit not them being a prick.

I have always made it a habit to have my kids walk up to cops and tell them thank you and I think they are beginning to understand why.

Hell of a lesson to learn before you are four years old.